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[1]Name: x_lindsayw_x, or Lindsay is fine :)
[2]Age: 23
[3]E-mail address:
[4]Birthday: 5th of March
[5]Favorite colors: Blue, Black, Hot Pink, Red
[6]Favorite scents: Lotus, Lavendar, Rose, Patchuli
[7]Favorite flavors: Chocolate, strawberry
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Anything that isn't licorish
[9]Favorite season: All of Them!
[10]Favorite sport/team: Formula 1
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: The Smashing Pumpkins, The Vines, Pink Floyd
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): Hello Kitty
[13]Favorite stores:
[14]Do you collect anything? Crystals, Tarot Decks, New Age Books, CD's, Cute Things, Insence, Candles
[15]What are your hobbies? Drawing, Art, Photography, Ghost Hunting, Breeding Rats & Mice
[16]What size do you wear? 14 Australian Size
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you?
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? YES! And I like sending them :)
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: I've really been getting into Pink Floyd of late and I only have a few of their albums, so just about anything of theirs on CD or Vinyl would be great! I also love suprizes, so anything you can fit into an envelope that you think I will like, I will love!
[20]Additional Comments: I am happy to trade from your lists, but I also read tarot cards and do distant reiki readings, along with making a whole heap of hand made stuff. If you wish to trade and want to know more about what I make, then feel free to ask :)

I am also looking for new LJ Friends so if you want to add me, just let me know ♥

If you wish to suprize me, then feel free to veiw my interests if you are after ideas - x_lindsayw_x

I am also not fussy if the items are new or used either ♥

* Pink Floyd - The Wall (CD)
* Tarot Decks
* New Age Books - Ghosts, unexplained mystries, wicca, I like almost anything within the catogory
* Anything for my Rats & Mice

I also have a wishlist at Amazon that you can find by either clicking the link below, or serching my email address.

Amazon Wishlist
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