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A setting Sun

Age: 20
location: US,NJ
email: email gets too much spam[aim; leaving paris]
favorite tv shows: intervention, adult swim!
books: HST!!!!!!!, bret easton ellis, chuck p, kerouac,burroughs, augusten burroughs, go ask alice, doors of perception, ken kesey, cultural studies books, anything beats, anything mind expanding, and oh HST
interests: Writing letters, music, jewlery making, drawing stuff, shows, drying flowers, making things, collages, collecting random photographs, taking photographs, drinking coffee, discussing EVERYTHING, intellectualism, tragic endings, glitter, mac makeup, real vintage shopping, old movie stars, indie films, documentaries[!]

music: elliott smith, cat power, radiohead, wutang clan, odb, method man, ariel pink, animal collective, mindless self indulgence, the mountain goats, neil young, the make up, kid dakota, blondie, the doors! and mooore more more!

penpal questions
haven't had much experince, i want some so badly though, my boyfriend[soulmate] has been sentanced to six months in a state rehab, i am a very creative person[not to sound conceieted because i am not] but i love to write and make things, i loooove to write, poetry, bits of random crap, and i love to put things together, i love making collages and i'd love to share a bit of my mad artistry with someone or many!!

how long are my letters: long probably, because i'm a rambling, i also believe in random word association as a form of poetry, they will be both paragraphs of honesty and artistry, i will mix reality with MY own reality!!

type vs handwrite: both!
sending gifts with letters: YES, I love making little things, bracelets or collages or altered pictures or jewlery of all sorts, and i'd include a bit of my creative object in each letter i send
what am i looking for in a penpal: a fellow madness artist, maybe a poet, maybe someeone who just wants to wander into the soul of one, or an attempted one, someone who will write or type or both back, letters and or their own bits of artistry, someone who i can let my thoughts fly free with, not only with words but with pictures, flowers, glitter, googly eyes, bits of earthm an interesting stone or bead..someone who can hopefully appreciate not just a letter but a creative experience...
what gender/age: does not matter!

Where do you want them to be from: anywhere that isn't jersey!!

Please let this lonely soul find a link in this wide ole' world

[hit me on aim;leaving paris, or reply on comment for addy]
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