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mail_love's Journal

Sent with Care
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This is a community all about making others feel loved. In a world like we live in...even little things such as receiving mail can be a bright spot in someone's day.

If you like to send and receive things in the mail...this is a community for you. You can send big packages, little packages or even letters and postcards. Even the smalles token lets someone know they were thought of. And please remember...you have to give a little to get a little. The beauty of this community is that you don't have to be "paired" with anyone. Just send away the love!

Sometimes people like to surprise others with random packages. If this is the case, one would have to know your address. *If you choose* to, you can post your address in a *friends only* post and it will be placed in the memories section. (Therefore if you want to randomly brighten someone's day...look to the memories section for their address).

The next thing for you to do would be to fill out the following survey. It will let people know what kinds of things you are interested in order to get a better idea of what to send. Fill out as little or as much as you want...the more you write the more people get to know you. Memvers surveys will also be placed in the memories section.

[3]E-mail address:
[5]Favorite colors:
[6]Favorite scents:
[7]Favorite flavors:
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies:
[9]Favorite season:
[10]Favorite sport/team:
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers:
[12]Favorite brands (of anything):
[13]Favorite stores:
[14]Do you collect anything?
[15]What are your hobbies?
[16]What size do you wear?
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you?
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts?
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive:
[20]Additional Comments:

***Don't forget...when you receive a care package...come back and let us know. Tell us about what you got and who you got it from. Even include pictures if possible.

Now tell everyone you know to join! The more the merrier!