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Sent with Care's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2008-08-17 00:22

Name: Kendra

Age: 17

State/Province, Country: suburb of Sacramento, CA

Address: callmekendra@gmail.com (will give out postal after!!)

What are your major interests?: Writing, travelling, global issues and making a difference, helping people with problems similar to what I have (Im not crazy I promise!) and many, many others.

What do you love?: Listening to music, journaling and writing letters, drives!, being with my best friends, reading up on history and ancient coltures, languages, collecting Kawaii(Im a total addict!!), drinking tea...and again, tons more than that!

What do you hate?: Sappy romance movies, people who dont know what they're talking about but insist they are right...turtlenecks, wasabi...

What kind of creative things would you want to send to your penpal?: Handmade goodies! artwork, some of my collages and other things I make, mix CD's representing my personality, and god only knows what else! 

What kind of creative things would you want to receive from your penpal?: Anything expressing who they are or what they like!

How many penpals do you want?: At least one who will stick around would be nice!

Any other information you want to share: I'm a 17 year old, six foot tall girl who gradiated from high school a year early (I turned 17 on July 27th) I'll be getting into a nanny position for possibly two months but all my mail will be forwarded to me! Im extremely open minded and like to get close to my penpals through mail, and I like them to feel like they can be just as open. As far as personality goes, I'm artistic, well educated, goofy, spunky, spontaneous, funny, serious when needed, and a bit of a hippy!

Is it okay for your penpal to post pictures or excerpts of things they receive from you to share with the community?:
Sure, why not?!

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Date:2008-07-15 00:42

Username: KitterWolf


Name: Kitty

Age: 21

Birthday: 13th july 1987

List some of your favourite snack foods and candies: pocky, chocolate, cheetos, cheese

List any snack foods and candies or flavors you absolutely hate:

List some of your favorite scents: fruits, oriental,

List any things you cannot accept:

List anything you collect or any colors/patterns you love:  pokemon, digimon, cards, cute stuff, plushies, beanie babies, anime

List any type of arts and crafts you do: drawing and writing

List some of your favorite activities and/or hobbies: writing, reading, anime&manga, penpaling , playing rpgs, playing pokemon

List your favorite music genres/bands etc: metal, alternative rock, system of the down, linkin paRK, anime tunes, mindless self indulgence

List the kinds of jewelry you wear: necklaces and bracelets, small randomness rings and earings

List the kinds of make-up you wear: black and or red lipstick and black eyeliner

Looking for: Pel pals and swap pals

Breed, names, and ages of any pets: don’t have one

Any wishlists?

Kitty K.
8550 E. old spanish trail rd
tucson,az 85710

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Date:2008-06-09 16:55

 Hi all! 

I'm a bit desperate as my favorite journal is on its last leg, and my favorite pen died! Does anyone have access to Moleskin products and/or Hi-Tec-C Coletto pen refills? I would be more than happy to swap for them! I cant really get out of the house right now (just had a second seizure) and its hard for me to gain access to those products. Not having a credit card limits the fun as well. 

Please contact me!  


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Date:2008-03-20 01:06
Subject:A setting Sun

Age: 20
location: US,NJ
email: email gets too much spam[aim; leaving paris]
favorite tv shows: intervention, adult swim!
books: HST!!!!!!!, bret easton ellis, chuck p, kerouac,burroughs, augusten burroughs, go ask alice, doors of perception, ken kesey, cultural studies books, anything beats, anything mind expanding, and oh HST
interests: Writing letters, music, jewlery making, drawing stuff, shows, drying flowers, making things, collages, collecting random photographs, taking photographs, drinking coffee, discussing EVERYTHING, intellectualism, tragic endings, glitter, mac makeup, real vintage shopping, old movie stars, indie films, documentaries[!]

music: elliott smith, cat power, radiohead, wutang clan, odb, method man, ariel pink, animal collective, mindless self indulgence, the mountain goats, neil young, the make up, kid dakota, blondie, the doors! and mooore more more!

penpal questions
haven't had much experince, i want some so badly though, my boyfriend[soulmate] has been sentanced to six months in a state rehab, i am a very creative person[not to sound conceieted because i am not] but i love to write and make things, i loooove to write, poetry, bits of random crap, and i love to put things together, i love making collages and i'd love to share a bit of my mad artistry with someone or many!!

how long are my letters: long probably, because i'm a rambling, i also believe in random word association as a form of poetry, they will be both paragraphs of honesty and artistry, i will mix reality with MY own reality!!

type vs handwrite: both!
sending gifts with letters: YES, I love making little things, bracelets or collages or altered pictures or jewlery of all sorts, and i'd include a bit of my creative object in each letter i send
what am i looking for in a penpal: a fellow madness artist, maybe a poet, maybe someeone who just wants to wander into the soul of one, or an attempted one, someone who will write or type or both back, letters and or their own bits of artistry, someone who i can let my thoughts fly free with, not only with words but with pictures, flowers, glitter, googly eyes, bits of earthm an interesting stone or bead..someone who can hopefully appreciate not just a letter but a creative experience...
what gender/age: does not matter!

Where do you want them to be from: anywhere that isn't jersey!!

Please let this lonely soul find a link in this wide ole' world

[hit me on aim;leaving paris, or reply on comment for addy]

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Date:2008-02-16 16:42

Age: 18
email: xxxpink.ladyxx@gmail.com@gmail.com
favorite tv shows: Hollyoaks, skins, two pints, eastenders
books: Girly romance ones, or autobiographies of interesting people
interests: Writing letters, music, reading, crafts, going to the gym, shopping, meeting new people
music: I love all sorts il listen to pretty much anything once although i dont like heavy metal/heavy rock

penpal questions
how long have i been penpalling: Not long just getting in to it again :) i use to write to a girl in poland for a few years but in the end we sorta lost contact, i dont want this to happen this time :D
how long are my letters: I usually write long ones as i love to read long letters myself but i do understand that some times the letters will be shortish.
type vs handwrite: Either i dont mind :) All though im just looking for snail mail pals but i dont mind if some of the letters are typed as i understand that they are sometimes easier but i would like a few letters to be handwritten :)
sending gifts with letters: Yeah i love the idea of sending cheap little gifts it doesnt even have to be a gift id love to recieve postcards hand made things magazine clippings anything you thinks interesting, thats what your imagination is there for :)
what am i looking for in a penpal: Serious penpallers only please. Somebody i can really get to know someone who i could pour my heart out to and would give me great advise, id also like to think that my pen pals could do the same with me :). I dont want someone whos just gonna write a couple of letters and then just stop because that just wastes time and stamps
how many penpals do i want: Id like as many as i could keep up with :) i have quite a bit of time at night where i can just sit down and write so its not like ive got a really busy schedual hehe
what gender/age: Im just lookin for female penpals as i find them easier to talk to and open up to :) between the ages of 16 to 21 although i would consider people outside of these ages if you are nice hehe.
Where do you want them to be from: Im mainly looking for people from the UK because of postages costs but i wouldnt mind people from the USA, Australia, Italy, anywhere really aslong as you speak good english because i dont know any other languages lol the only problem with people outside the UK is that i might not be able to write as often because of costs sorry.

Hope to hear from you soon, who ever you are :)

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Date:2008-02-12 20:07

Name: Kendra
E-mail (optional): kendraakay@gmail.com
Age: 16 years old. But I act a lot more mature than my age. I very rarely write to pals my own age. 
Birthdate: July, 27, 1991
Country: USA. California.
Main interests: Swapping, penpalling, traveling, writing, reading, crafts, making stationary and envelopes. Going to concerts. Road trips. Hanging out with my friends. Movie nights, and just random fun!
Favorite music: rock and rap, and pop. and techno.
Favorite books: Meg Cabot, Steven King, Louise Rennison. Anything good pretty much.
Favorite movies: Action! And romantics!
Describe your ideal penpal: Someone who will be like me and write all of the time. I dont like when letters and packages just stop coming abruptly or to lose a new friend.
What age do you want them to be? 15-22,
What sex do you want them to be? FEMALE.
Snail mail, e-mail pals, or both? Snail mail only!
How long of letters will you write? It depends. Most of the time I write medium to long length letters and often. I also sent little gifts with them!
What country do you want them to be from? Any!
Anything else? I would love to swap too! Recieving fat packages and boxes full of goodies. I really love crafty swaps and penpal letters with effort put into them because thats what I tend to do all of the time. I love themed swaps, and neat notebooks. Im a paper product addict!

I'm a pretty unique individual. Part hippie, park rocker, and full time animal lover. Im a world traveler, want to major in INternational Relations, and join the Peace Corps. I'm also a mommy to an 8 week old Jack Russel Terrier Mix!  

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Date:2007-08-26 14:14

::name/info: Camilla, I'm 17 years old and born on March, 13th 1990
::work/school: pupil in the last schoolyear
::location:: Austria
::e-mail:: camilla.trampusch@gmx.at

::main interests:: music, friends, psychology and photography. I love reading and writing letters and also receiving postcards

::described as:: helpful, friendly, somebody who listen to other's problems, bashful and weird (:

::music:: Adam Green, Böhse Onkelz, Iron Maiden, The Moldy Peaches, The Clash, Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, Morrissey, The Smiths, Belle & Sebestian
::books/authours:: depends on my modd

::collect:: t-shirts, postcards, necklaces

::specifically seeking:: people between 16 and 24 years
::prefer long, medium or short letters?:: I like hand written letters and postcards. The length is not the most important thing
::how many pen pals do you want?:: as many as possible, I prefer penpals from all over the world

::international or local penpals?::international, I don't want local penpals

::anything else?:: I love postcards ♥ (but I did mention that before) and photos

Address: Camilla Trampusch, Auenbachweg 66, 8403 Lebring, Austria

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Date:2007-08-06 01:17

[1]Name: Shavonne
[2]Age: 18
[3]E-mail address:...
[4]Birthday: November 14 1990.
[5]Favorite colors: I love most colors..
[6]Favorite scents: Pretty much all except really strong floral scents.
[7]Favorite flavors: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: I love sour candy and gummies.
[9]Favorite season: any as long as I'm in SF where it's never super hot. :)
[10]Favorite sport/team: I love playing tennis, badminton, volleyball and soccer.
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: Death Cab for Cutie and The Decemberists are my favorites. Others I like are The Postal Service, Ani DiFranco, The Spill Canvas, Mirah, The Shins, Iron & Wine, and Morrissey.
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): any one that makes cute stuff. :)
[13]Favorite stores: Goodwill and wherever else I find stuff I like.
[14]Do you collect anything? not really.
[15]What are your hobbies? listening to music, photography, ADVENTURING, and tennis.
[16]What size do you wear? large in shirts and medium in pants.
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you? not sure..
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? indeed!
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: pictures, mix CDs... anything you find to be interesting, cute, or funny.
[20]Additional Comments: Have a lovely day! :)

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Date:2007-07-20 13:33

[1]Name: Shang
[2]Age: 16
[3]E-mail address: shangmod@yahoo.com
[4]Birthday: September 10, 1990
[5]Favorite colors: Green, white, red
[6]Favorite scents: Cool, fresh
[7]Favorite flavors:
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Gummy bears, worms, anything sweet and gummy XD 
[9]Favorite season: Spring
[10]Favorite sport/team: Swimming
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: A lot. Linkin Park, Rain.
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): United Colors of Benetton >introduce to me nice brands you like :)
[13]Favorite stores: Shoes, clothes stores
[14]Do you collect anything? I want to collect Corps Bride items. Anything!
[15]What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, swimming, listening to music
[16]What size do you wear? small to medium
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you? I'm game for anything (almost) and I try to do my best in everything I do
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? Yes! I keep those in scrap cases. I give sentimental value to things people give me.
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: Good books. Nice blankets. Goggles! Send me some good goggles that would be wonderful! I don't know. surprise me as well!
[20]Additional Comments: I will give back to those who send me stuff so do send me your address as well XD much love to you!

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Date:2007-04-26 08:35

Name: Morgan
Birthday: November 17, 1987
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Email: mlee732@hotmail.com

Likes: flowers. nature. hiking. books. reading. pictures & photography. art. salvador dali. da vinci. mone. edgar degas. long letters. getting mail. writing poetry. love letters. old movies. cuddling. hot coco. chatting. music [any & all kinds]. mix tapes & cd’s. celtic myths. tattoos. vintageness. interesting people. traveling. foreign boys. accents. warm fires. dancing around in my underwear. making people laugh. rugby. soccer. being fit. open-minded people…

Dislikes: short letters. disinteresting people. liars. rainy days. being bored. silence. being lonely. mean people…

Favorite Music: folk. indie. rock. anything really…
Favorite Bands: jack’s mannequin. fettes brot. juli, silbermond. something corporate. tracy chapman. stereophonics. blur. duncan sheik. minus the bear. joshua radin. johnathan rice. graham colton. jurassic 5. [way too many to list]…
Favorite Books: love stories. mystery. historical…
Favorite Titles: brave new world. the rainbow. women in love. lady chatterly’s lover. the count of monte cristo. wuthering heights. vampire cronicals…
Favorite Authors: lawrence. bronte. huxley. anne rice. shakespeare…
Favorite Movies: cruel intentions. the italian job. the great escape. anything james bond. lola rennt. american beauty. wedding crashers. fight club. goodbye lenin. boondock saints. eurotrip...
A list of things that you wouldn't mind getting: postcards. photographs. paintings. cute things. books. mix cd’s. anything really…
A list of things that you wouldn't mind sending: i will send pretty much anything once i get to know a person, and what they like…
What gender do you want them to be?: doesn’t matter…
Preferred age of penpal: doesn’t matter [but around my age is always good]…
Where do you want them to be from?: anywhere…
Anything else: i am a faithful writer and listener & will be glad to help you with any problems that you want to talk about. i’ll talk about anything really, i’m a very open person… [i love people who write to me first (it makes me feel special!), but i can always write the firt letter!]

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Date:2006-12-27 18:49

hi :) i'm just posting this around! <3

i have lots of penpals, but i'm looking for some penpals who would love to swap packages too. i'm looking to swap books, i have loads that i don't need anymore & i would love to read more! i could swap other things, i'm looking for ANY kawaii stationary/cute stationary, since i have none! :[[

please get in touch with me if you're interested. =) i hope to hear from someoneeee. my email; ouryounghearts@aol.com

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Date:2006-12-11 14:51

[1]Name: Kaily (kay-lee)
[2]Age: 18
[3]E-mail address: be_still_my_heart106@hotmail.com
[4]Birthday: July 16th
[5]Favorite colors: Black, red, blue, silver, gold, and purple.
[6]Favorite scents: Vanilla, lavender, and anything flowery.
[7]Favorite flavors: Chocolate, strawberries and cream, anything peanut buttery.
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Crunch 'n Munch: Buttery Toffee, milk chocolate w/almonds, Recess Peanut Butter Cups, and pocky.
[9]Favorite season: Winter and Fall
[10]Favorite sport/team: Hockey
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: Snow Patrol, Finch, Placebo, Maroon 5, Texas, Fallout Boy, Imogen Heap, Jimmy Eat World, anything JPOP/JROCK/EMO/ROCK/POP.
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): Anything from Hot Topic
[13]Favorite stores: Hot Topic
[14]Do you collect anything? Cards, stickers, stationary, movies and books.
[15]What are your hobbies? Drawing, reading, and writing poetry and fanfiction.
[16]What size do you wear? Um Large or X-Large I guess that's my size.
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you? I'm a bi-sexual, bi-polar, lactose intolerant fangirl.
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? Of course!
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: Doctor Who stickers/cards, anything really.
[20]Additional Comments:

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Date:2006-10-22 23:26

New Mail Community. Fill your mail box with mail and parcels. Join the fun - click the banner below.


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Date:2006-10-10 00:54
Mood: sleepy


I normally wouldn’t do this, but I really need your help. I am starting my first book (on the Tarot) and I really need to get my own laptop, ASAP! A friend of mine put me on to this site which I thought was a scam, until he actually received his laptop. All it costs is $1.00 and you will be helping me out immensely!

I need another 14 people to sign up and spend $1.00 by completing a special offer. Even if you don’t want to find 20 to earn your own laptop, if you could still sign up to help me out, then I would be ever so grateful!


I don’t have a lot of cash at the moment, here is a list of what I can do for / send to you ♥

• Something from your list that I could gather up and send in an envelope
• Brand New Hello Kitty Button Badges (I have stacks of designs!)
• Sadness – An independent comic that I wrote, drew and self published
• Haunted Tasmania – Self Published, Independent Magazine
• Hand Made Jewellery – Beads, Shells, Wood, I can make just about anything!
• Hand Made DIY Mini Spell Kit – In either Love or Money
• Tarot Reading via Email
• Reiki Distant Healing & Psychic Reading
• Almont anything that you can fit into an envelope –eg, post cards, business cards, sticker, button badges, etc

Not sounding like a meanie, but I can only send your parcel once I have received notification that you have completed an offer.

Please, please, PLEASE help me out. All it will cost you is $1.00 and I’ll make sure that I send you an envelope full of joy ♥ ♥ ♥

PLEASE COMMENT FOR AND MORE DETAILS (you know, the blah stuff…)

x cross posted x

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Date:2006-09-27 09:30

[mood| lonely]

Name:  Morgan
Age: 18 
E-mail address: united_towards_one_goal@hotmail.com 
Birthday: Nov. 17 
Favorite colors: brown. pink. green. 
Favorite scents: white tea & ginger. sweet pea. 
Favorite flavors: fresh apple [really crisp & new]
Favorite snack foods & candies: cookies. hershey kisses.
Favorite season: fall
Favorite sport/team: chelsea fc
Favorite music/bands/singers: john mayer. jason mraz. joshua radin. duncan sheik. hellogoodbye. maximo park. lily allen.
Favorite brands (of anything): gap. bath & body works. hershey.
Favorite stores: vintage clothing stores. h & m. gap. bath & body works. american eagle. record stores. 
Collections: breyer horse models
Hobbies: downloading music. making mix tapes. watching movies. 
Clothing sizes: medium in tops, 4-6 in pants 
What's the most interesting fact about you? I am open to anything and everything, and will try anything once.
Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? yes. those are the best kind, they come from the heart and mean more.
List some examples of things you'd love to receive: random letters just saying hi. chocolate kisses/hugs. anything handmade. picutres.
Additional Comments: I just enjoy sharing the love, and anyone who sends something to me will get something special in return.

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Date:2006-09-26 20:21

[1]Name: x_lindsayw_x, or Lindsay is fine :)
[2]Age: 23
[3]E-mail address: REFLECTA_lindsay@hotmail.com
[4]Birthday: 5th of March
[5]Favorite colors: Blue, Black, Hot Pink, Red
[6]Favorite scents: Lotus, Lavendar, Rose, Patchuli
[7]Favorite flavors: Chocolate, strawberry
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Anything that isn't licorish
[9]Favorite season: All of Them!
[10]Favorite sport/team: Formula 1
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: The Smashing Pumpkins, The Vines, Pink Floyd
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): Hello Kitty
[13]Favorite stores:
[14]Do you collect anything? Crystals, Tarot Decks, New Age Books, CD's, Cute Things, Insence, Candles
[15]What are your hobbies? Drawing, Art, Photography, Ghost Hunting, Breeding Rats & Mice
[16]What size do you wear? 14 Australian Size
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you?
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? YES! And I like sending them :)
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: I've really been getting into Pink Floyd of late and I only have a few of their albums, so just about anything of theirs on CD or Vinyl would be great! I also love suprizes, so anything you can fit into an envelope that you think I will like, I will love!
[20]Additional Comments: I am happy to trade from your lists, but I also read tarot cards and do distant reiki readings, along with making a whole heap of hand made stuff. If you wish to trade and want to know more about what I make, then feel free to ask :)

I am also looking for new LJ Friends so if you want to add me, just let me know ♥


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Date:2006-08-10 10:02

postofficebox16.com is an art exchange project, aimed at sharing art without pretention or interference.

jump on board. it's super easy. all you have to do is make a postcard sized piece of art, send it in, and you'll get someone else's back. there are no rules to the art, just as long as it is something that inspires you, or makes you feel good, or makes you think about stuff, or makes you jump up and down, or anything. i can be made with pencils and pens and textas or computers or cutting out magazines. Just go CRAZY.

it's pretty easy, just go to postofficebox16.com

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Date:2006-07-17 22:41

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Date:2006-06-07 16:55
Mood: excited

I am looking to do a one-time package swap with someone:

A little about me:
My name is Rebecca. I'm 26. My lj comments for the last couple years have been friends only so if what you see there is insanely old that's why. My e-mail is rschlowsky@yahoo.com. An e-mail or a post here are the two best way of letting me know if you're interested in swapping.

What I can put in the package I send to you:

Books (romance novels, mysterys, etc.)

Jewelry (I have some very nice stuff and some basic stuff)

Bath stuff (bath fizzies, soaps, etc.)

Craft stuff (beads - nice ones and basic ones - nothing plastic,

scrapbooking stuff - misc., yarn, markers, ribbons, etc.)

cards and envelopes (homemade or not... I have a bunch of both kinds)

Yummy spice mixes to cook with. (I'm on a no-flour/no-sugar food plan so I'm limited as to what I can use myself. I don't like fake sugar very much so what I do use doesn't include it. I'd love to share a few of my favorites. :))

Stuff that smells nice (candles, perfume, linen sprays...lightly used or new depending)

Unscented candles

and Surprises

What I'm looking for:

Crafty stuff (anything fun and random - esp. odd little knicknacks I can use on cards/in books, paper, old postage stamps, a rubber stamp, anything you don't want etc. the more vintage, the better)

Old postcards, cards, or homemade cards

stuff that smells nice (my favorite scents are lavender, rose, lemon, and almond)

earrings (the kind that have hook backs or leverbacks. I work on phone all day so I almost never wear anything with a post and backing.)

(Food stuff is a little tricky for me to receive b/c of my foodplan so it may make more sense to steer clear of that.)

Let me know if you're interested in swapping. I am willing to send first, however, please don't ask me to send if you are not going to send back. I tend to send very nice packages and I would rather trade with someone who is going to play fair. Thanks.

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Date:2006-02-24 22:28

[1]Name: Katy
[2]Age: 17
[3]E-mail address: LiddleWiddleKaty@aol.com
[4]Birthday: September 13th
[5]Favorite colors: Blue, black and pink
[6]Favorite scents: Vanilla, cucumber melon
[7]Favorite flavors: strawberry
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Gummy Bears, Ferrier Rochers, Cooler Ranch Doritto's, Warheads
[9]Favorite season: Fall
[10]Favorite sport/team: Yankees (baseball)
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: Fall Out Boy, Johnny Cash, Britney Spears ... lots more. Lol
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): I'm not big into brands. If I see something that's cute I just buy it
[13]Favorite stores: Claires, Icing, Target, Walmart
[14]Do you collect anything? Lip balm and lip gloss ... the Snapple caps with the fun facts in them
[15]What are your hobbies? Writing in my journal, watching One Tree Hill, listening to music
[16]What size do you wear? medium or large
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you? My eyes change color :)
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? Yes
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive Letters, postcards, magazines, lipbalm/gloss, mix cd's/tapes ... suprises!
[20]Additional Comments: Hello~~

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