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I am looking to do a one-time package swap with someone:

A little about me:
My name is Rebecca. I'm 26. My lj comments for the last couple years have been friends only so if what you see there is insanely old that's why. My e-mail is An e-mail or a post here are the two best way of letting me know if you're interested in swapping.

What I can put in the package I send to you:

Books (romance novels, mysterys, etc.)

Jewelry (I have some very nice stuff and some basic stuff)

Bath stuff (bath fizzies, soaps, etc.)

Craft stuff (beads - nice ones and basic ones - nothing plastic,

scrapbooking stuff - misc., yarn, markers, ribbons, etc.)

cards and envelopes (homemade or not... I have a bunch of both kinds)

Yummy spice mixes to cook with. (I'm on a no-flour/no-sugar food plan so I'm limited as to what I can use myself. I don't like fake sugar very much so what I do use doesn't include it. I'd love to share a few of my favorites. :))

Stuff that smells nice (candles, perfume, linen sprays...lightly used or new depending)

Unscented candles

and Surprises

What I'm looking for:

Crafty stuff (anything fun and random - esp. odd little knicknacks I can use on cards/in books, paper, old postage stamps, a rubber stamp, anything you don't want etc. the more vintage, the better)

Old postcards, cards, or homemade cards

stuff that smells nice (my favorite scents are lavender, rose, lemon, and almond)

earrings (the kind that have hook backs or leverbacks. I work on phone all day so I almost never wear anything with a post and backing.)

(Food stuff is a little tricky for me to receive b/c of my foodplan so it may make more sense to steer clear of that.)

Let me know if you're interested in swapping. I am willing to send first, however, please don't ask me to send if you are not going to send back. I tend to send very nice packages and I would rather trade with someone who is going to play fair. Thanks.
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