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[1]Name: Shang
[2]Age: 16
[3]E-mail address:
[4]Birthday: September 10, 1990
[5]Favorite colors: Green, white, red
[6]Favorite scents: Cool, fresh
[7]Favorite flavors:
[8]Favorite snack foods & candies: Gummy bears, worms, anything sweet and gummy XD 
[9]Favorite season: Spring
[10]Favorite sport/team: Swimming
[11]Favorite music/bands/singers: A lot. Linkin Park, Rain.
[12]Favorite brands (of anything): United Colors of Benetton >introduce to me nice brands you like :)
[13]Favorite stores: Shoes, clothes stores
[14]Do you collect anything? I want to collect Corps Bride items. Anything!
[15]What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, swimming, listening to music
[16]What size do you wear? small to medium
[17]What's the most interesting fact about you? I'm game for anything (almost) and I try to do my best in everything I do
[18]Do you like receiving handmade arts and crafts? Yes! I keep those in scrap cases. I give sentimental value to things people give me.
[19]List some examples of things you'd love to receive: Good books. Nice blankets. Goggles! Send me some good goggles that would be wonderful! I don't know. surprise me as well!
[20]Additional Comments: I will give back to those who send me stuff so do send me your address as well XD much love to you!
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